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We are currently offering an exciting and limited opportunity at no cost for families with incoming kindergarteners (see "Who is Eligibile?" below). 
If your child is eligible, we will monitor progress of your child's language and cognitive skills in detail every year from kindergarten  and provide individualized strategies to strengthen them. We may also be able to provide computerized programs or tutoring based on needs.
This is particularly a great opportunity for families who are considering immersion programs and are interested in learning how their child will do in two languages. More broadly, we hope that the findings from this study will be helpful in planning better instruction for bilingual children.

Who is eligible?

NOTE: Your child does NOT need to be bilingual to participate in the study. English-only participants are welcome!

• Your child will be entering Kindergarten in an SFUSD Spanish or Cantonese Dual Immersion Pathway Program/Two-Way Immersion School in 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018 OR

• Your child will be entering Kindergarten in the General Ed (English only) program at any SFUSD school.

NOTE: We may have to exclude children who have metal in their body (including braces), are left handed, or have major neurodevelopment, neurological, psychiatric or psychological conditions (but please apply if interested -- we will review each case thoroughly to determine eligibility).

What will you and your family be asked to do?

Compensation & Benefits for you, your family, and your community

  • You will receive detailed results after the behavioral assessment and get a picture of your child's brain!
  • You will be paid $40 for completing each portion of the study, for a total of up to $80 payment
  • You will be reimbursed for travel and your child will receive incentives and/or prizes for participating
  • You will gain access to practical strategies (based on the latest research) for families and schools to strengthen children's skills
  • You can help your school and PTA build community through professional development for teachers, field trips, classes and events


Your participation is completely voluntary. Anything you submit is kept confidential with us and will be used only by authorized researchers. In addition, you may choose to withdraw at any time.

If you would like to participate please contact:


Or call: 415 476 9861

Complete the Learning Success Initial Information Form


Directions to our research sites.

Sample Time Table (For a full description click here)

  • Note: For older children, participation may shorter (most often 1-2 day visits only for one year with or without a brain scan). Additionally, there will be no interviews at home.
  • At the end of each Time (1, 2, 3), there is an option to request a Report of Results via mail and in-person feedback at Parnassus Campus.





Time 1

Beginning of K (Late Summer - Fall)

Mission Bay Campus (Day 1)

  Complete at Home
  • Questionnaires


  • Home Environment Interview


Mission Bay Campus (Day 2)


Time 2

End of Grade 1 (Spring - Summer)

Parnassus Campus

  • Cognitive Evaluation
  • Home Environment Interview


Time 3

End of Grade 2 (Late Summer - Fall)

Mission Bay Campus (Day 1)


Complete at Home

  • Questionnaires


Mission Bay Campus (Day 2)