Sample Time Table

Sample Time Table - UCSF Learning Success Project

  • Note: For older children, participation may shorter (most often 1-2 day visits only for one year with or without a brain scan). Additionally, there will be no interviews at home.
  • At the end of each Time (1, 2, 3), there is an option to request a Report of Results via mail and in-person feedback at Parnassus Campus.





Time 1

Beginning of K (Summer - Fall)

 Parnassus Campus (Day 1)


  Complete at Home
  • Questionnaires


Mission Bay Campus (Day 2)


Time 2 

End of Grade 1 (Spring - Summer)

Parnassus Campus 

  • Cognitive Evaluation
  • Home Environment Interview


Time 3

End of Grade 2 (Summer - Fall)


Parnassus Campus (Day 1)


Complete at Home

  • Questionnaires


Mission Bay Campus (Day 2)

Full Description of Tasks

Consent/Assent Forms

You and your child will read over and review an in-depth description outlining the study protocol, you and your child's rights throughout the study, and additional information to help you make an informed decision regarding you and your child's participation in the study. A consent form is designed for the legal guardian; whereas, an assent form outlines the protocol for your child so they are aware of what will be involved in the study, should you both decide to continue.

Questionnaires/Forms (to be completed at home)

We will ask you to fill out some forms about your child's health, development, education, family, child's social skills, motivation, resiliency, social engagement, personality. These forms will be taken home and completed between sessions.

School Test Results

We will ask you to request and submit your child's past grades and standardized test scores, as well as previous psycho-educational testing done previously.

**OPTIONAL** Language Interview

With your permission, trained personnel will administer an interview to gauge various components of your child's environment.

Cognitive Evaluation

Trained professionals will evaluate your child based on various cognitive and psychological measures, such as reading, math, and executive function.

Brain Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI]) click here for more information

We will ask that your child be involved in a structural MRI and fMRI session. Most children love this! A short preparation video and a practice session will help your child get used to the loud noise of the scanner, lying still for a period of time, and what to expect at the scanner. During the session, a number of pictures will be taken of the structure and function of your brain while you watch a movie, while you lie at rest, or while you play a game, each separated by a short break. Your child will play a word game where they listen to sounds/words or see pictures/words and answer by pressing buttons, write or say the answer. Functional MRI involves your child performing tasks while in the scanner. Your child will be provided a hand-controller, earplugs and earphones to complete the tasks.