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You may know where your child's eye color and height came from, but do you ever wonder where your child's temperament and thinking style came from? Is it nature or nurture, or both? No one knows exactly, and our UCSF Research Team is seeking the answer to this question using the latest neuroscience.

We are currently offering families with children born through assisted reproductive technology (ART; e.g., in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, surrogacy) a very unique opportunity to join our program. You will learn more about how your children think and feel, and how their brains work. All at no cost. At the same time, it will help us answer questions on nature versus nurture.

We are also inviting parents who have not used ART (with naturally conceived children).



  • Receive in-depth reports on cognitive and socioemotional assessments for yourself and your family, if you wish
  • Brain pictures, a unique view of yourself and children—perfect for a scrapbook or show-and-tell
  • Local travel reimbursement (to UCSF Mission Bay campus)


Please note that there are some requirements to participate in the program:

• Your child was born through assisted reproductive technology
• Your child is 5-12 years old
(the child must be 8-12 years-old at the time of appointment)
• You and your child are native English speakers
• You and your child are generally healthy with no major neurological or psychiatric history
• You are willing to come to UCSF Mission Bay campus for a one- or two-day visit

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